Day 5

Packing, travel, setup camp and hike.

After packing up Kermit the SUV — Mocha totally recognizing the pattern and knowing what going on, she can’t wait to hop in and get on the road — we make the approximately 70 mile drive to Kettle Morraine State Forest.  We hiked here before a number of years ago but have not camped here before.   We are so busy talking and watching the countryside we take a wrong turn in Cambridge and end up on 12 instead of 18 and go considerably off the planned route, entering from the South instead of the North.

In any event, after checking in at the Ottawa Lake Campground we make our way to Campsite 286 in the Pine Woods Campground.

We set up the tent and all the other and unpack all the other equipment.  Then it’s time to relax so Elaine grabs one of the camp chairs.  Flash gets it right away and just has to check it out himself.  We decide not to sent up the Paha Que because the weather is quite pleasant, the sky is clear, with not a hint of cloud or rain anywhere (more later…).

After I buy firewood ($5/bundle from each of the two roadside entrepreneurs outside the Ottawa Lake HQ) we hike a 3+ mile “Red Trail” loop of the Scuppernong Hiking and Skiing Trail, which overlaps briefly with the Ice Age Trail.  We try to find the “Field of Pines” Geocache at N42 57.178 W88 27.480 but we are not successful, with some trouble losing the gps signal every now and then in the forest and also a set of directions that are not the greatest.

We make our way back to camp and take a nice leisurely time making our dinner of (prepackaged) chicken quesadillas and Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival corn.

Great night’s sleep, woken by….