Day 6

Turkeys!  And a little light rain.

Probably near dawn, maybe about 5 am or so we are woken up by….gobble gobble gobble!  Several of them.  Maybe a couple hundred feet away, in the forest.  Elaine says it is the sounds of turkey love but I think like most things they can’t do that on an empty stomach and they are foraging.  Or browsing.  Or grazing.  Or whatever it is they do.

Now, we have gone to sleep and been woken up by the sounds of coyotes, large insects on the outside of the tent, ravens, owls, whip-poor-wills, things crawling around that we never really knew what they were for sure, wolves in the distance.  Once we awoke to the sound of bees buzzing in the bushes surrounding the tents, a very pleasant and unmistakable zzzzzzzzzzmmmmmmm.  But I don’t think we’ve ever been woken by turkeys.  We lay there laughing, trying to get back to sleep for a bit but it was an unforgettable multi-gobble-gobble.

And light rain on the tent, maybe from 5 to 7 or 7:30 am, so we did get to sleep in a little.  Once it broke we got up — a coolish 55 degrees or so –  took Mocha and Flash for their necessary walk, and then put up the Paha Que just as it started to sprinkle lightly again.  We had very light rain all through breakfast (eggs and hash and note the camp espresso is almost ready)


and while we were planning our day hikes, and eventually it cleared off by about 10:30 or so, at which time we took our first hike of the day.

Putting in at the trailhead at N42 55.131 W88 28.410, we hike to a geological structure/area called “Brady’s Rocks,” named after the farmer who originally settled this area and who discovered this location (to be continued).