Finish the lawn, mid-morning.  A few sprinkles about 5:30pm.  Local fireworks show postponed due to prediction of severe weather…which never materializes. We continue with our weekend!

Busy again at the office.  Lots of loose ends before the weekend.

Another hot day, less humid.  Mostly clear skies even into the evening.  Ahi tuna going on the grill in a moment, fennel, Swiss chard and onions from the “Two Onion Farm” weekly box already on.  This was our second week.

Grill 3

Grill 4

Elaine says her bike rides were beautiful to and from office today.

Mow (front) lawn after dinner.  Have to do the back tomorrow.

Picked up some music today (thanks Krezmers, this is from your HannuKwanzFestivus gift cards): Brian Wilson’s “Smile” (2004) which I have been waiting to hear for quite some time, but considering he writes the idea began in 1966 a couple extra  years to pick it up after release seems just at the right speed for California-laid-back; and Los Lonely Boys, “Forgiven.”  Not much beats Latin rock.   Looking forward to giving them a play.  Picked up Neil Young’s “Fork in the Road” (2009) yesterday.  Given that “Living With War” was the best album that year (2006), probably the decade, it’s going to be hard to match.  A couple of quick listens and not even all the cuts yet, really have to hear it.  He just keeps that garage band rockin’.

Busy work day.  Has been hot (and humid) the last couple of days.  Nice!  Still decent after getting home this evening, so we are able to sit out back for a bit talking and planning for the weekend.

Seemed like busy all day at the office but no one scheduled.  Report, online software demo, teleconference re:  abusive insurance practices.  Maybe that will develop.

Decent evening out back.  Cooling off later in the basement, watched the Obama “town hall” on health care reform, or at least some of it.  Seemed like a lot of orchestrated spontaneity to me.  Fell asleep.  Note to everyone else:  STAY AWAKE!!!  If you fall asleep you will become a pod too.    It sure looks like they are going to screw this up big time:  mandate insurance for everyone, remove the tax break for the insurance benefit, yet continue to lock it in as an employer mandate.  Insurance companies now will have 300 million covered lives who they can maim and from whom they can steal. Don’t get me started.

Recommendation to next generation:  forget health care and actually taking care of people, no matter how much you love it.  Get trained in effective political advocacy (go back to Obama’s old neighborhood), figure out how to get paid to do it, because you all will be fixing this generation’s “reforms” for the next 40 years.  Good luck with that.

Good day at the office, hardly there.  5 patients three different locations. Maybe turn a little profit.

Guest speaker at the D42 “virtual happy hour,” what fun!  Lots of interested questions and good feedback.  Home late.  Sleepy time in front of the tube.

Long day.  Work, at the office late.  Quick dinner out back, 1/2 a sandwich shop sub, still hot and mostly sunny, talking with E.  Then work til just about 10 prepping for “virtual happy hour” tomorrow night.

Well, the weather is back to the way it’s been.  Heavy overcast.  With the added feature of 99% humidity when it’s not actually falling out of the sky.  So now cigar today.

We do go the the “Underground classics:  The transformation of comics into comix, 1963-1990″ exhibit at the Chazen.  All the regulars were there, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (and Fat Freddie’s Cat), Checkered Pants Demon, Angelfood, Mr. Natural.  Recognize many that I still have.  Far Out!

Toward the evening we plant the three pepper plants (Ancho, Paprika, Banana) and tomato plants (will leave to EK to identify).  So we’ve got a little bit of salsa going now in the garden.  Decided to do these from plants this year instead of starting all the way back in March with seeds.