Day 14

Success setting up DSL connection for Donna yesterday plus great pizza and wine.  No go on the wireless but appears to be non-wireless modem.

Break in the clouds today maybe for about 1/2 hour mid-afternoon, otherwise overcast, gray.  Did dry up enough though to mow the lawn.

Finished KV’s “Mother Night.”  Had not read it before and started it last year but put it down.  I was looking for a light read at the time, what I thought was typical KV.  This one is an effort to get through.  I don’t think there’s a belly laugh in the whole book, barely a guffaw.  He was dealing with WWII demons.  And ordinary people.  The banality of evil and all that.

But even more than Slaughterhouse Five or  more than any of his other novels, I think it is definitive in understanding KV himself, especially his simultaneous misanthropic cynicism and once-removed, humored affection for the bipeds which inhabit (for the present) this planet.  And a dark look into what ultimately makes us a flawed and doomed species,  all the more terrifying because it is based on real things we have done to each other.  60 years ago.  1000 years ago.  Today.  And tomorrow.  Perfect for D-Day weekend.