Day 27 — A Two Cigar Day!!

Finally!  A two cigar day!!

Weather in the high 80s and sunny during the day, sun lasting into the evening good enough to sit out back, have a couple of margaritas, Elaine put a steak on the grill, cigar before dinner and one after.

Before dinner stogie was an unlabeled robusto with a dark wrapper, excellent! I’m thinking this is one of the Cubans brought back from the cruise two years ago,

My souvenirs

maybe the last one left but I did not go all the way to the bottom of the humidor to take an inventory.

After dinner cigar a Macanudo Hyde Park, with the practice label (“Sometimes a cigar is just for friends”) left over from the opening in 2003.  Unfortunately these have gone stale over the years, and the 1/2 dozen or so left will need some intensive rehabilitation in the humidor before they are really good to go again.

Earlier in the day Elaine and I went to see Louise Halpin Wiesenfarth’s showing at the Watrous Gallery at the Overture Center.  Large acrylics, mostly blacks or shades of gray and white, described as ‘minimalist’ style, responses to Katrina. Since everyone’s a critic and I’m certainly not I’ll leave the reaction to others.

Having the time to do some more summer reading, finished reading more into H.P. Lovecraft:  ”The Shunned House,” which is a stunning, terrifying, perfectly timed “ghost-busters” down to the accumulation of equipment to fight the “entity,” and “The Call of Cthulhu.”  The latter of course is a masterpiece.  But, I thought “The Outsider” was much more shocking and surprising in terms of unexpectedly, instantly moving the reader into the perspective of “the other.”  ”The Rats in the Walls” is perfect in suspense-building  and much more horrifying in its conclusion even than “The Call.”