Day 28

Well, the weather is back to the way it’s been.  Heavy overcast.  With the added feature of 99% humidity when it’s not actually falling out of the sky.  So now cigar today.

We do go the the “Underground classics:  The transformation of comics into comix, 1963-1990″ exhibit at the Chazen.  All the regulars were there, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (and Fat Freddie’s Cat), Checkered Pants Demon, Angelfood, Mr. Natural.  Recognize many that I still have.  Far Out!

Toward the evening we plant the three pepper plants (Ancho, Paprika, Banana) and tomato plants (will leave to EK to identify).  So we’ve got a little bit of salsa going now in the garden.  Decided to do these from plants this year instead of starting all the way back in March with seeds.