Day 31

Seemed like busy all day at the office but no one scheduled.  Report, online software demo, teleconference re:  abusive insurance practices.  Maybe that will develop.

Decent evening out back.  Cooling off later in the basement, watched the Obama “town hall” on health care reform, or at least some of it.  Seemed like a lot of orchestrated spontaneity to me.  Fell asleep.  Note to everyone else:  STAY AWAKE!!!  If you fall asleep you will become a pod too.    It sure looks like they are going to screw this up big time:  mandate insurance for everyone, remove the tax break for the insurance benefit, yet continue to lock it in as an employer mandate.  Insurance companies now will have 300 million covered lives who they can maim and from whom they can steal. Don’t get me started.

Recommendation to next generation:  forget health care and actually taking care of people, no matter how much you love it.  Get trained in effective political advocacy (go back to Obama’s old neighborhood), figure out how to get paid to do it, because you all will be fixing this generation’s “reforms” for the next 40 years.  Good luck with that.