Breakfast at mom & dad’s, continue to work on organizing the second bedroom, fine tuning dad’s new computer.  Hit the road just at 1:30, back into town with no problems, pick up the dogs at the kennel.  Mocha is wired as usual when she gets home from the kennel, and flash is wiped out. She has been outside with us for much of the evening hoping as usual for tastes from the table, and Flash has chosen to retreat to his kennel and sack out.  Perfectly beautiful evening, temperature perfect, no wind, young boy cardinal scouting out the yard, other bird calls we cannot identify, Elaine hanging out in her hammock.  I have started to read a bit of H.P. Lovecraft, which I’d wanted to pick up again this summer.  Perfect ending to a bit of a draining weekend.

Oh yes, this is a summer milestone.  First margarita!  It is almost hot enough to actually need one (low 80s when we get home — I say it has to be over 90 but we might wait all summer for that here in lovely WI). Regardless, I offer and Elaine gives a resounding yes! so I get out the blender and make the house special.  Unfortunately we are out of lime juice so use the leftover Rose’s that’s been in the back of the fridge for who-knows-since-when.  And the second batch is made with fresh squeezed limes.

So, now I have a definite goal for the summer:  Never be caught without all margarita ingredients in stock!

Make it over to mom & dad’s a little after 9.  Visiting, a little work in between.  Set up dad’s new computer but will have to take his old one home and clean it there.  Had hoped to get everything off it there but it was totally locked up.  Tour the new assisted living/SNF facility that is opening up just this coming Monday, with mom.  She thinks it is lovely but it’s not for dad now.   Pick up subs after the tour and dad is already taking his nap.   Make a run with Rafi to the storage facility after going through some boxes again with mom and deciding what should stay and what should go.  Ari makes the call to order in pizza for dinner and after dinner dad gets ready for bed again, mom is not feeling well, so Elaine and I head back to the hotel a little after 8.

Work 1/2 day.  Drive to Chicago to see Mom & Dad.  Doggies go to Forest Ridge Kennel.

Posting this from an MSI U100 netbook. What a great toy (I mean work machine!)

Work (no surprise there), finish getting ready for the trip to the Shire this weekend.

Work.  Quick dinner, chicken on the grill.  Conference call.  That’s all.

Work again.  A little bit of sun after getting home but clouds roll in quickly.

Work.  Sunny and beautiful all day.  Leave office at 5:45.  5:46 dense cloud cover.