Ok, good, well, not good.  Just checked.  AL won.  Wait ’til next year and maybe I will catch up by then on work and sleep enough to say awake for the whole game.

Days moving too quickly, summer spinning wildly out of control.  A week away then only four days back in the office before away again has put me so far behind I would be terrified if I were awake enough to think about it.  Watched (about 7 innings of) the All Star game last night and could not even stay awake to do that. Not even sure right now who won but I think it was NL which means I missed the end of a game outcome not seen in 19 years.  May get to missing posts some time, perhaps in the deep of Winter.

Back to work. Busy all day, nowhere near caught up. Best fun of the day after work on the way home — picked up new netbook. Thank you Elaine! What a great machine this is, will be so fun and useful! Stayed up way too late playing with it.

Home yesterday evening after 6 nights camping, 3 at Willow River State Park, 3 nights at Spearhead Point. Still in vacation mode, too relaxed even to post in detail, dogs moving lethargically between back yard and their kennels, mostly horizontal when they can. I just finished mowing (back not nearly as bad as it could have been after 8 days, front barely worth doing). Elaine went into town to pick up some supplies and I think we will still have time to slow cook some ribs on the Q.

Will have to fill in the blanks in upcoming days. A number of beautiful hikes, landmarks including western terminus of the Ice Age Trail, a one mile long esker and more. 200+ photos between the two of us, plenty to edit and post.

And then, later…a perfect end to the day.  Here are some of the supplies Elaine brought back from the trip into town:

Grill 5