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Spending the day getting ready for and then hosting a small garden party. Weather actually mostly cooperative, mid-70s by the afternoon, some sun.  Spiedini a la Romagnola (per Batali, thanks Leah for the cookbook!) for befores, slabs of Memphis-style ribs and all the goes-withs for main.   Here’s a look:

Surf & Turf

Ready to Serve

More photos here.

Home yesterday evening after 6 nights camping, 3 at Willow River State Park, 3 nights at Spearhead Point. Still in vacation mode, too relaxed even to post in detail, dogs moving lethargically between back yard and their kennels, mostly horizontal when they can. I just finished mowing (back not nearly as bad as it could have been after 8 days, front barely worth doing). Elaine went into town to pick up some supplies and I think we will still have time to slow cook some ribs on the Q.

Will have to fill in the blanks in upcoming days. A number of beautiful hikes, landmarks including western terminus of the Ice Age Trail, a one mile long esker and more. 200+ photos between the two of us, plenty to edit and post.

And then, later…a perfect end to the day.  Here are some of the supplies Elaine brought back from the trip into town:

Grill 5

Busy again at the office.  Lots of loose ends before the weekend.

Another hot day, less humid.  Mostly clear skies even into the evening.  Ahi tuna going on the grill in a moment, fennel, Swiss chard and onions from the “Two Onion Farm” weekly box already on.  This was our second week.

Grill 3

Grill 4

Elaine says her bike rides were beautiful to and from office today.

Mow (front) lawn after dinner.  Have to do the back tomorrow.

Picked up some music today (thanks Krezmers, this is from your HannuKwanzFestivus gift cards): Brian Wilson’s “Smile” (2004) which I have been waiting to hear for quite some time, but considering he writes the idea began in 1966 a couple extra  years to pick it up after release seems just at the right speed for California-laid-back; and Los Lonely Boys, “Forgiven.”  Not much beats Latin rock.   Looking forward to giving them a play.  Picked up Neil Young’s “Fork in the Road” (2009) yesterday.  Given that “Living With War” was the best album that year (2006), probably the decade, it’s going to be hard to match.  A couple of quick listens and not even all the cuts yet, really have to hear it.  He just keeps that garage band rockin’.

Broke my web site, 2 minutes.

Fixed it (complete reinstall), 90 minutes.

Here at least is one useful thing from today, a good start for the Summer!

Nice start

Thanks to Elaine for the picture, and the goes-withs!  (Slaw, potato salad; home brewskis from the LittleHeart Brewery made over the winter).