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Good day at the office, hardly there.  5 patients three different locations. Maybe turn a little profit.

Guest speaker at the D42 “virtual happy hour,” what fun!  Lots of interested questions and good feedback.  Home late.  Sleepy time in front of the tube.

Long day.  Work, at the office late.  Quick dinner out back, 1/2 a sandwich shop sub, still hot and mostly sunny, talking with E.  Then work til just about 10 prepping for “virtual happy hour” tomorrow night.

Well, the weather is back to the way it’s been.  Heavy overcast.  With the added feature of 99% humidity when it’s not actually falling out of the sky.  So now cigar today.

We do go the the “Underground classics:  The transformation of comics into comix, 1963-1990″ exhibit at the Chazen.  All the regulars were there, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (and Fat Freddie’s Cat), Checkered Pants Demon, Angelfood, Mr. Natural.  Recognize many that I still have.  Far Out!

Toward the evening we plant the three pepper plants (Ancho, Paprika, Banana) and tomato plants (will leave to EK to identify).  So we’ve got a little bit of salsa going now in the garden.  Decided to do these from plants this year instead of starting all the way back in March with seeds.

Finally!  A two cigar day!!

Weather in the high 80s and sunny during the day, sun lasting into the evening good enough to sit out back, have a couple of margaritas, Elaine put a steak on the grill, cigar before dinner and one after.

Before dinner stogie was an unlabeled robusto with a dark wrapper, excellent! I’m thinking this is one of the Cubans brought back from the cruise two years ago,

My souvenirs

maybe the last one left but I did not go all the way to the bottom of the humidor to take an inventory.

After dinner cigar a Macanudo Hyde Park, with the practice label (“Sometimes a cigar is just for friends”) left over from the opening in 2003.  Unfortunately these have gone stale over the years, and the 1/2 dozen or so left will need some intensive rehabilitation in the humidor before they are really good to go again.

Earlier in the day Elaine and I went to see Louise Halpin Wiesenfarth’s showing at the Watrous Gallery at the Overture Center.  Large acrylics, mostly blacks or shades of gray and white, described as ‘minimalist’ style, responses to Katrina. Since everyone’s a critic and I’m certainly not I’ll leave the reaction to others.

Having the time to do some more summer reading, finished reading more into H.P. Lovecraft:  ”The Shunned House,” which is a stunning, terrifying, perfectly timed “ghost-busters” down to the accumulation of equipment to fight the “entity,” and “The Call of Cthulhu.”  The latter of course is a masterpiece.  But, I thought “The Outsider” was much more shocking and surprising in terms of unexpectedly, instantly moving the reader into the perspective of “the other.”  ”The Rats in the Walls” is perfect in suspense-building  and much more horrifying in its conclusion even than “The Call.”

So finally getting to finish up the posting on Day 6.

Left off at the hike to “Brady’s Rocks” at N42 54.323 W88 28.819.   This was our morning hike.  Slightly more than a 2 mile hike round trip.  The rocks are described in the Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2008 as “…a portion of the Niagara Escarpment, and marks the edge of a thick layer of dolomite that extends through Door County, dips under Lake Michigan, the state of Michigan and reemerges at the end of Lake Erie at Niagara Falls.  The cool, shaded area of Brady’s Rocks has a unique fern population, including the walking fern, found growing out of cracks in the dolomite bedrock.”  It is warming up a little bit during the hike (only into the mid-60s under the forest cover) and a bit muggy also, probably with the overnight rain evaporating into the air, and the cool shady area is very comfortable and refreshing for a short stay before we turn around and hike out.

We drive to and have a picnic table lunch at the Emma Carlin Trail area before heading out again on a segment of the IAT.  The trailhead is a little tricky to find and at first we put in at a clearing off the road but turn around after about 1/4 mile in realizing that can’t be the right trail.  We find the trailhead a little further north on County Z, at N42 52.239 W88 32.646.  We hike north and east through light forest and soon after into thicker prairie in full spring bloom with rolling oak savannahs typical of the the morraine topography. Not far along the trail we cross the Scuppernong River, some of us by the foot bridge, some of us through the water.

We are making our way to a hostel which can see across the prairie no more than 1/2 mile away, but we decide to pace ourselves and turn back with Elaine having a sore knee.  Before we turn around though, we come upon and explore an obvious kettle right in front of us.

Kettle on the Emma Carlin Trail, Kettle Moraine

The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but it is unmistakable when you see it from a distance and then stand right next to it.  The tree in the center has its trunk about 3 feet below the ridge, and the whole kettle is 50-60 feet across.

This whole area was covered with remaining ice ponds as the last glaciers subsided.

Back to camp and slowly work our way into the evening.  Pick up another couple of bundles of wood, build a cooking fire and, for later, the entertainment.  Dinner tonight is marinated tilapia on the grill.  Cloudless night.  The dogs, tired from the hiking and wanting to get the best places on the air mattress, go to bed early.  Elaine and I stay up late just talking, watching the stars and the fire.  It doesn’t get much better.

Today I think I get smart.

Another work day, mostly sunny all day.  I make a point of leaving the office by about 4:30, time enough to pick up some munchies, start a cigar and grill out.

It starts pouring on the way home from the grocery store.

Missed it by that much.

Happy hour in the basement.

Might as well have been December.

Work day.

Weather people predict storms by drive home time.  That makes it certain it will still be gorgeous by then, which it is.  Low 80s, sunny.  Then clouds roll in faster than I can light a cigar.  Cook dinner inside, still can eat outside.  Major storms overnight.